"Let Ann Arbor deal with her!"

Lost... in Ann ArborThe past several episodes of Lost have mentioned Ann Arbor rather prominently, owing to the Tree City's fictitious status as mainland headquarters of the DHARMA Initiative, that gaggle of eggheads, hippies, grunts, and thugs who have colonized the mystical Island that is really the central character of the show.

Last week, head DHARMA goon Radzinksy said of the wayward Kate, "Let Ann Arbor deal with her," as if 1970s A2 were home to some kind of sinister hippie mafia that could and would severely punish transgressives. Hey, whatever happened to peace and love, maaan?

Now even Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen and Dan Snierson are dropping Ann Arbor references in their online video recap, Totally Lost. Like, far out.

Next week is the finale of the show's penultimate season, a two-hour extravaganza entitled "The Incident." The sub Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate are on was ostensibly headed to Ann Arbor. Maybe our fair city will have another prominent cameo, although I doubt it -- I think producers Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, et al. have yet to take advantage of the state tax incentives to shoot the massive hippie apocalypse I'm rooting for.


Hendrek said...

I've been trying to remember if they ever actually mention that it's a city or maybe they're just using it because most viewers can be misled to think Mrs. Arbor is some top brass/enforcer of Dharma.