Red Pen Diaries: Caring Is Sharing

Red Pen Diaries: Advice and Observations on Writing and the English LanguageCould you or could you not care less?

I came across a great graphic the other day that succinctly captures one of my pet peeves: saying "I could care less" when meaning "I could not care less."

What's the difference? This picture speaks 1000 words:

Do you mean to say you really, really, really do not care about something? Use the proper rhetorical flourish: Share with the world that you could not care less.

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Writers and the State, Part 1

Ernest Hemingway

A writer is like a Gypsy. He owes no allegiance to any government. If he is a good writer he will never like the government he lives under. His hand should be against it and its hand will always be against him. The minute anyone knows any bureaucracy well enough he will hate it. Because the minute it passes a certain size it must be unjust.

– Ernest Hemingway