Who I Am

I could tell you where I was born and what I wanted to be when I grew up (astronaut, of course), but that's not the point.

For more than a decade, I've been researching, writing, editing, and/or proofreading copy for a range of corporate, small business, and nonprofit communications. I've worked, directly or indirectly, for large companies such as Borders and Dow Chemical, as well as for small creative agencies and nonprofit organizations. (View my résumé.) My writing has appeared in well known publications like the Detroit Free Press and (much more often) in niche periodicals and websites. (View my samples.)

What all of this means is: If you need someone to help you produce top-notch communications, whether it's research and writing, content or copy editing, or simply a sharp set of eyes to catch grammar goofs or typos before you publish, I'm your guy.

And in case you were expecting something more personal: I like books, movies, music, craft beer, and free-market economics. I have an abiding interest in the city of New Orleans, but I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I work from home with lots of help from my hard-working staff of two cats, Sam and Max (pictured right, working hard).

Contact me today to discuss your project and how I (and my staff) can help you achieve the communications results you want.

Or feel free to just browse my blog, where I comment on everything from the craft of writing to the state of the economy to what I ate for dinner.