What I Do

Photo credit: "magnetic poetry" by surrealmuseI'm a wordsmith. That means I write, edit, copy edit, and/or proofread the full spectrum of the glorious English language.

More specifically, I have experience with everything from book-length manuscripts to blurbs, printed materials to emails and online content, and sales-oriented copy to scholarly writing. I've made my mark somewhere in the world through the following communications channels:

  • Collateral and sales tools (brochures, ads, broadcast emails, case studies, trade journal articles, etc.)
  • Organizational communications (employee newsletters, internal emails, Intranet sites, meeting support materials, etc.)
  • Web content (static sites, blogs, wikis, etc.)
  • Essays and op-eds
  • Scholarly materials (studies, reports, white papers, etc.)

This is by no means an exhaustive list. (See my samples for real-world examples of what I've worked on.)

My niche is in matters of economics and public policy – particularly from a free-market, libertarian perspective – but my range of experience makes it likely that somewhere, somehow, I've produced or been involved in producing something similar to what you need done.

Contact me to discuss your specific project goals. Each individual project is, of course, its own thing and subject to unique factors, etc., etc., but for a ballpark figure of what I charge for particular services and such, please see my fee schedule.

(Photo credit: "magnetic poetry" by surrealmuse.)